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  Tiger Cub Progam  

The Cub Scout adventure begins with Tiger Cubs - a program of exciting indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy who is in first grade and/or is 7 years old.  You are there with him as his support and guide, but you don't do things for him.  He will learn by doing things himself.  And as he learns and grows, your relationship with him will grow, too.

The first step in Cub Scouting, regardless of a boy's age, is earning the Bobcat badge.  After that, a Tiger Cub may earn the Tiger Cub rank. This rank is presented to boys who have completed all 15 parts of the five separate achievements - five Family activities, five Den activities, and five Go See It outings.

At the end of the school year, he will graduate into a Wolf Cub Scout den.  Later, he will be in a Bear den, and then he'll become a Webelos Scout.

  Tiger Events  
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